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本文摘要:爱英语,我是认真的。你呢,朋侪?英语美文:做最好的自己You have to be you, before you can be them.在成为他们之前,请先成为你自己。 You want to be like the famous actor, Brad Pitt.你希望成为像布拉德皮特那样知名的演员。


爱英语,我是认真的。你呢,朋侪?英语美文:做最好的自己You have to be you, before you can be them.在成为他们之前,请先成为你自己。

You want to be like the famous actor, Brad Pitt.你希望成为像布拉德皮特那样知名的演员。You want to be like the talented basketball player, Lebron James.你希望成为像勒布朗·詹姆斯那样的天才篮球运发动。You want to be like the brilliant innovator, Bill Gates.你希望成为像比尔盖茨那样良好的创新先锋。


Some of you right now, you want to be like these people, you want to be on their level.Listen to me: You can’t get to that level. You can’t get to that level until you start to invest in your mind.此时现在,你们当中的一些人希望成为他们那样的人,希望到达他们那样的高度。听我一句吧:你到不了那样的高度,除非你开始修炼自己的心田I dare you to invest in your mind in your OWN innovation.有胆你就以独占的方式修炼自己的心灵。

I dare you to invest time in your own in your talent.有胆你就在你擅长的领域潜心钻研I dare you to be alone.有胆你就耐住独处的寥寂。I dare you to spend an HOUR alone to get to know yourself.有胆你就一小我私家花上一小时来相识自己。You’ve spent so much time with other people. You’ve spent SO MUCH TIME trying to get people to like you, you know other people more than you know yourself! You’ve studied them, you know about them, you want to hang out like them, you want to be JUST LIKE THEM! And you know what? You’ve invested SO MUCH TIME IN THEM, you don’t even know who you are!你浪费了太多时间在别人身上,浪费了太多时间让别人来喜欢你,你对别人的相识甚至比自己还要多!你研究他们,相识他们,你想和他们一样酷,想变得和他们一模一样。可是你知道吗?你花了太多精神在他们身上,甚至不知道自己是谁了。


I challenge YOU to spend time by yourself.我向你发出挑战:学会独处。But for people who are chasing their dreams, life has a special sort of meaning. When you become the “right person,” what you do is you start separating yourself from other people. You begin to have a certain uniqueness. As long as you follow other people, as long as you’re being a copy-cat, you will NEVER EVER BE the best copy-cat in the world.但对追逐梦想的人来说,人生有一种特殊的意义。当你成为了谁人“对的人”,你就会把自己从别人身上剥离。

你开始拥有唯一无二的特质。一旦你追随他人的脚步,一旦你成了别人的模拟者,你就永远不会成为最棒的模拟者。I challenge you to define your value.我向你发出挑战:权衡自己的价值。Not everyone will see it. Not everyone will join you. Not everyone will have the vision. It’s NECESSARY to know that. You are an uncommon breed! It’s necessary that you align yourself with people and attract people into your business – people who are hungry. People who are unstoppable and unreasonable. People who refuse to leave life just as it is and who want more!并不是所有人都市看清你的价值,不是所有人会和你一样,有那样的眼光。